NuWave Technologies’ 20th Anniversary Celebration

Looking back on the last 20 years, NuWave has come a long way and we’ve accomplished a great deal. We’ve gone from SOAP and XML-based solutions in the early days, to REST and JSON-based middleware in more recent years. We’ve gained new partners and resellers all over the globe who help with proof-of-concepts (POCs), implementation, and support for NuWave’s solutions for our mutual customers—this year we are also celebrating a 15-year anniversary with one of our oldest resellers, TIC Software. I am also proud to say that we exceeded all of our financial goals last year, and we’ll do the same this year. NuWave is doing the best we’ve ever done. Last year we even moved to a shiny new office just outside Boston, in beautiful Wakefield, Massachusetts (USA). There is a lot to celebrate!

I am incredibly proud of my team for all of their hard work over the years, whether they’ve been with us since the beginning or they are relatively new faces. I just couldn’t ask for more competent and dedicated employees. And I am also grateful to our loyal customers for continuing to see the value in our solutions and to trust us to support them year after year.

Since 1999, we’ve helped a lot of HPE NonStop users achieve their integration and modernization goals. We’ve allowed them integrate with enterprise service buses (ESBs) and NonStop payment engines. We’ve connected GUIs to NonStop applications, making these valuable applications easier to use for NonStop newbies and veterans alike, and saving everyone a lot of time. We’ve helped customers access their NonStop data from mobile devices and tablets, and even to update their NonStop databases with Salesforce data. We’ve allowed NonStop applications to access security services like the Cybersource Web service, as well as current stock prices. We’ve even helped NonStop users access public and private Web services that providing delivery truck tracking, tax calculations, and human resources data. One of the most exciting things a customer is doing is including their NonStop data in their business analytics by sending this data to Microsoft Azure’s Power BI business intelligence service. We’re so glad to see our clients take their NonStop servers, and their companies, to the next level using our software.

What’s amazing is how easy NuWave’s development team has made all of this for our end users. We’ve had some customers tell us that we have the best interface in NonStop, and we’re very proud of the ease of use. The software can be installed in about five minutes, set up in another 5, and a new service can be set up in about 5-10. The best part is that NonStop developers don’t have to understand REST and mainframe developers don’t have to understand NonStop in order to set up these connections. We love showing customers just how quick and easy it is, not only to get up and running, but also to accomplish things that would have taken them months or years to do with other solutions or on their own. (See for yourself on NuWave’s YouTube page.)

We’ve also heard that we have some of the best support in NonStop, so I have to commend our support team for their ability to turn around patches and thorough answers to our customers’ questions very quickly. This is a testament to how much they care about the NuWave userbase.

Our goals go beyond helping customers with their integration needs and providing excellent support. We also hope to help HPE customers stay on the NonStop platform. We enable companies to get the most out of their NonStop applications, pulling what was previously known as an expensive black box out of the corner, and adding value to the platform as a whole.

In the next few years, we hope to help many more customers modernize their NonStop applications, innovate on the platform, and take their systems to the next level. We look forward to working with NonStop users to do even more exciting things with our software, including access NonStop data from Amazon Echoes and other modern devices, integrate with their API gateways, access AWS services, and utilize DLT solutions like R3 Corda, just to name a few!

Looking even further out, we hope for another great 20 years, and we look forward to developing even more innovative solutions for platform that we all love.


  • Gabrielle Guerrera

    Gabrielle Guerrera is the President & CEO of NuWave Technologies. She has been a member of the HPE NonStop community since joining NuWave in 2007. Starting her career in marketing, she also held sales and business development positions before diving into management. Gabrielle has a BSBA from Boston University and an MBA from Babson College. She enjoys long walks on the beach, reading the Wall Street Journal, butchering, hiking, and attending HPE NonStop conferences.

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