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The Atlanta Tandem Users Group (ATUG) held its first post covid meeting on May 3rd at the HPE Customer Innovation Center located in Alpharetta, Georgia.  The event was sponsored by XYPRO Technology along with HPE and put together by me, Dale Van Stratten, XYPRO Account Executive, along with Nelson Alvarez, HPE Account Executive.  Also, we couldn’t have gotten the word out and organized the registration process without the help of the crew from Connect.

Artificial Intelligence and Virtual NonStop were the primary topics discussed by most exhibitors and partners.  Jeff Kyle, VP & GM for High Performance Computing, started the session with a discussion on NonStop Futures, Investment, and of course, the Virtual NonStop.  Mark Thompson and Keith Moore, both HPE Distinguished Engineers, followed with an in-depth discussion of Virtual NonStop.  The day was made complete by Chris Kurka, who gave a fantastic tour of their state-of-the-art facility, including their virtual NonStop environment.  I failed to mention earlier that this facility is one of four HPE Customer Innovation Centers in the US.  A very nice facility designed for customer engagement and collaboration opportunities.

Twelve different HPE Partners and vendors were able to keep the day moving with their product overviews and discussions.  Thanks to all of you for your support.  We had a wide range of folks from far away places like Birmingham, UK (not Birmingham, Alabama) and, yes, even Simi Valley, California.  We had six different customers in attendance, and I’m pretty sure everyone went home with a door prize.

It had been three years since the last ATUG meeting due to covid.  I sincerely hope it won’t be that long until I see you all again.  One final word, thank you to Patrice Yunits, HPE, who helped line up everything at the facility for us.


  • Dale Van Stratten

    Dale Van Stratten has been contributing to the success of companies in the technology and financial sector for more than 35 years. His body of work includes management positions at First Data Corporation (now Fiserv), First of Omaha Merchant Processing, ACI Worldwide, ElectraCard Services, BPC Group, and now XYPRO Technology. While serving these companies in leadership positions, Dale helped grow their revenues in new, emerging, and established markets while managing third-party, national, and international sales organizations. His experience has helped him develop a thorough understanding of what customers need from service providers. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Communications at the University of Nebraska at Omaha and served as an Officer in the US Army. Dale joined the CTUG board of directors in 2017 and re-established the ATUG in 2017.

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