Scenes from E-BITUG European NonStop Symposium

The event exceeded everybody’s expectations in an era post-Covid where travel authorisation has become challenging. Customer numbers were only slightly down from 2019 the last time this symposium was held

Engagement between vendors and customers was reported as excellent and the content of the breakout sessions got a big thumbs up.

As usual customer breakout sessions were heavily attended with the session on NonStop Systems Management using Azure DevOps and Ansible having standing room only.

Having HPE demo DBS and also Business Continuity between virtualized NonStop in Azure and also on-premise demonstrated NonStop anywhere and with cloud-like experiences. In addition having development at the conference to discuss Virtualized NonStop in a Developers Chat session was a real coup.

After a slow start the HPE Executives Q&A session ended up with great engagement and excellent questions.


  • Iain Liston-Brown

    Iain Liston-Brown is a Presales Consultant for Hewlett Packard Enterprise working in the United Kingdom. He joined Tandem Computers Ltd in 1989 covering the Finance and Banking sector. Iain’s IT career has included mainframe and distributed systems programming, implementing ERP manufacturing systems, creating an Information Centre for PC applications and ad-hoc reporting, being responsible for IT policies, planning and strategy for a UK 4x4 vehicle manufacturer and supporting large corporate customers and their NonStop systems. Iain is also an active member of a Connect Chapter in the UK and Ireland.