May-June 2023

Bolster Your HPE NonStop Server Security with AI

Ugan Naidoo

The first movie to have a robot as a central character was Fritz Lang’s 1927 silent feature, Metropolis. Sci-fi connoisseurs of slightly younger vintage will recall the 1968 premier of Stanley Kubrick’s masterful film, 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Cover Story

How to Protect Your Online Presence and Critical Infrastructure from Emerging Cyber Threats

Ugan Naidoo

The COVID-19 pandemic led to increased digitization of businesses and as a result, created new opportunities for cybercriminals who actively exploited the health crisis and weak links in enterprises who were trying to adjust to the new reality. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has also triggered an escalation in the number of state-sponsored actors targeting critical infrastructure with DDoS attacks. Criminal syndicates, smaller players, and opportunistic criminals – all benefited from the turmoil.