Expanding NonStop Opportunities

NonStop – to win in an “On-Line, Real-Time, All-the-Time” World

Increasing business relevance and revenue on an ongoing basis is very challenging. For proof, look at the increasing number of companies dropping off the Fortune 500 list. And even for some established companies still on the list with shrinking valuations, it’s clear digital transformation to successfully address new opportunities and increasing business demands is difficult. For examples of this, Blockbuster, Polaroid, Kodak, and many others aren’t around now while Xerox, GE, IBM, etc. have experienced huge stock price declines or gone private. As a result, only 60 companies on the list in 1955 were still on the list in 2017! Further, with Uber changing transportation, Airbnb changing accommodation, Apple changing music, Netflix changing video consumption, Amazon changing retailing, etc. – traditional industries are being transformed! Suffice to say, the changing business landscape is triggering a need for established enterprises to be much better at driving digital disruption to win – or run the risk of being marginalized – if they don’t deliver new information services having high appeal and can monetize value creation.

Core to success in this environment is delivering new business capabilities with technology that drive top and bottom line revenue, increase brand stickiness, relevance and value, enable more upselling and cross-selling to Users, attract new Customers, provide competitive advantage, etc.

To meet or exceed Customer expectations, these information services need to have very high –

    1. Availability                     ….7 9s or higher to Users
    2. Scalability                       ….seamlessly and quickly
    3. Responsiveness          ….sub-second User response
    4. User Satisfaction       ….above + be very easy to use, intuitive, etc
    5. + SLA Terms                  ….ie: $1m / min penalty for availability non-compliance

To win in digital in this context, the main options are –

    1. An Internal Server Farm
    2. An External Provider (ie: AWS, Azure, etc.)
    3. Clustered uni-architecture platforms
      ie: Mainframe, I-Series, Unix / Linux, Windows systems
    4. NonStop


Since each scenario has merits and is in widespread use today, for business success, NonStop has very high appeal when decision makers in enterprises recognize the importance of –

    1. a platform designed for very high availability, scalability and performance
    2. minimizing the work and time to evolve services and improve business capabilities
    3. not having to re-engineer the organization to be good at digital innovation/disruption
    4. better positioning the organization to leverage core business competencies to improve outcomes – and not the many nuances of becoming a technology company

These are significant benefits. And why NonStop should be the platform of choice in an on-line, real-time, all-the-time world.

To share insights on your organization getting more benefits from NonStop, please contact -CAIL or HPE, or send a message to info@cail.com or call 1-905-940-9000.


  • Ron Thompson

    Ron Thompson is CEO of CAIL, a HPE and Micro Focus Partner with many Customers utilizing CAIL software to improve connectivity, security, automate and modernize information services - at the desktop and in mobile. This applies to NonStop systems as well as with all platforms - to increase NonStop appeal and value. Ron has an extensive background in technology and business as well as numerous experiences from CAIL venture investing and enterprise innovation initiatives. rthompson@cail.com / 800-668-5769 / 905-940-9000.

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