Meet iManAIge: The Future of AI-Driven Enterprise Server Management

What is and What will be…

Meet iManAIge: The Future of AI-Driven Enterprise Server Management

What is and What will be…


Picture this: You’re the manager of critical server infrastructure within your organization, responsible for its flawless operation. Suddenly, a seemingly minor glitch disrupts your entire system, leading to downtime and potential financial losses. Traditional problem-solving measures would normally kick in – identify the issue, find a solution, and implement it. This process typically involves a labyrinth of hierarchical communications among staff members, where identifying and solving the issue resembles a slow-motion sequence, laden with long meetings, doubts, confusions, and delays. The sluggish bureaucracy hampers progress, and by the time a potential solution reaches your desk, the problem has now expanded into a crisis. But what if you could transcend this cumbersome, reactive approach that does not always guarantee success upon implementation?

Enter iManAIge by Idelji, a revolutionary new AI-enabled operations management solution by Idelji. Idelji is a long-time key software partner for HPE NonStop, and its leading-edge capabilities are now expanding to IBM z/OS as well.

Consider iManAIge as your proactive ally, not just identifying issues but predicting them before they unfold. Imagine a scenario where, weeks before any server problem like the one described above, iManAIge (pronounced “eye-man-age”) will have already pinpointed the potential weak link and presented you with a strategy to correct it. This isn’t science fiction; this is the new reality that iManAIge is now ushering in. In a world where downtime isn’t an option for your mission-critical applications, and the challenges are as complicated and unpredictable as ever, iManAIge has emerged not just as an optional improvement, but as a necessity.

As we delve into iManAIge’s capabilities, witness the paradigm shift from reactive to predictive and proactive, and understand why iManAIge isn’t just an interesting innovation; it’s a critical new lifeline for enterprises navigating the complexities of today’s technological landscape. Step into the future – where new IT challenges are no longer dire threats or frustrating roadblocks; they’re simply opportunities for innovation, improvement, and growth.

Revolutionizing Enterprise Management

In the rapidly evolving landscape of enterprise server management, the quest for innovation and efficiency has become a paramount concern. Companies worldwide are grappling with the challenges posed by the retirement of veteran experts on their server management teams, overall skills shortages, and the imperative need for uninterrupted services.

In this environment, Kyndryl, a prominent player in this domain, has led the way. Kyndryl stands at the forefront of technological evolution, having mastered the art of managing HPE NonStop servers for Deutsche Bank, one of the world’s largest leading financial institutions, through Deutsche Bank’s use of Idelji’s pioneering product, Web ViewPoint Enterprise (WVPE).

Kyndryl’s journey with WVPE, as we explored in the annual “Best of HPE NonStop 2023” edition of The Connection, has been transformative. The product, designed for alerting, monitoring, and managing servers, presented an out-of-the-box solution that significantly eased the burden of server operations at Deutsche Bank. Daniel Theil, Guild Leader of Kyndryl Germany and a key figure in Kyndryl’s IT operations, articulated in The Connection how WVPE streamlined Deutsche Bank’s processes, saving time and resources. The success of Web ViewPoint Enterprise at organizations like Kyndryl, Deutsche Bank, and many more around the world, prompted Idelji to delve deeper into the realm of automation and AI, setting the stage for the birth of Idelji’s groundbreaking new AI-enabled solution: iManAIge.  The partnership between Idelji and Kyndryl is an exciting story of two leading tech companies working together to solve the demanding challenges faced by their enterprise customers.

A Glimpse Into Kyndryl’s Tech Odyssey

Kyndryl’s reliance on Web ViewPoint Enterprise marked a turning point in their operational efficiency. The product’s ability to facilitate rapid alerting and monitoring, coupled with its intuitive out-of-the-box features, provided Kyndryl with a robust foundation for server management. Their insights into the cost savings of over €700,000 euros per year achieved by automating processes through Web ViewPoint Enterprise underscore the economic advantages of this innovative solution.

However, every success story comes with its share of challenges. Daniel candidly shared the hurdles faced during the implementation phase, from tweaking alerting for UAT and QA systems to managing hefty telephone bills resulting from the SMTP and mail setup. Despite the initial struggles, Kyndryl persevered and collaborated with Idelji, the makers of WVPE, thus creating a stable, automated operational model that withstood the disruptions brought about by the global pandemic.

Image of Left to right: Khody Khodayari (CEO, Idelji), Daniel Thiel (Guild Leader, Kyndryl Germany), and Vedant “Vito” Shrivastava (Product Lead, Idelji).
Left to right: Khody Khodayari (CEO, Idelji), Daniel Thiel (Guild Leader, Kyndryl Germany), and Vedant “Vito” Shrivastava (Product Lead, Idelji).

Setting the Stage for iManAIge

As Kyndryl thrived in the stability and cost-effectiveness achieved through Web ViewPoint Enterprise, a new chapter emerged with the advent of iManAIge. This ambitious project, a brainchild of Idelji, represents a paradigm shift in enterprise server management. The script for iManAIge was meticulously drafted to address the impending challenges faced by the entire industry: an aging and retiring workforce, skills shortages, and the inefficiencies of traditional ops management models.

The Workforce Conundrum

One of the pressing challenges is the inevitable transformation of the workforce managing these intricate systems. Skilled professionals, who have long been the backbone of server management, are approaching or reaching retirement, leaving a large void that is challenging for organizations to fill. The new generation of IT professionals, although they are proficient in new, contemporary technologies, often lack the particular knowledge required for managing legacy systems like HPE NonStop servers.

Outsourcing Predicaments

Outsourcing server management, whether locally or internationally, poses its own set of challenges. The conventional outsourcing model, reliant on hiring retired or laid-off experts, is proving inadequate and unsustainable. The burden placed on these individuals, managing servers from various clients with distinct configurations, leads to a situation where more is expected for less. Meanwhile, offshore outsourcing introduces issues related to high attrition rates, basic training limitations, and potential security concerns.

The Need for Innovation

In the face of these challenges, the industry has been searching for innovative solutions that can not only address the existing issues but also proactively adapt to future demands. The urgency to find alternatives to the traditional workforce-dependent model has become paramount.

iManAIge: Unleashing the Power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Enterprise Management

iManAIge, a SaaS Solution, signifies Idelji’s leap into the realm of AI-driven server management. The script for iManAIge is revolutionary in its approach, empowering Windows servers with the capability to autonomously monitor, analyze, and resolve issues in near real-time. The groundbreaking features of iManAIge include:

  • Dynamically build models: As millions of metrics come through from servers and applications every day, learn and dynamically build a model to accurately analyze and accurately build an interconnected fabric of metrics of every second.
  • Predictive Analytics: Dynamically predict future behavior from seconds to months in advance. Know what is expected and share intel.
  • Identifying Abnormalities: iManAIge swiftly identifies abnormalities and error conditions, initiating a proactive approach to server management.
  • Dynamic Problem Solving: It drills through historical and present data, identifying the root causes and offering dynamic solutions tailored to the specific server’s behavior.
  • Automated Decision-Making: iManAIge goes beyond traditional AI solutions by not only suggesting solutions but also determining the optimal one through a process of playing out scenarios against historical data.
  • Human Collaboration: The solution features an innovative interface for seamless collaboration between humans and AI. Authorized users can either implement the suggested solutions themselves or grant iManAIge the authority to execute the required command sequences.
Logo for iManAIge by Idelji.
Logo for iManAIge by Idelji.

The Journey Toward Self-Sufficiency: The iManAIge Difference

What sets iManAIge apart is its journey toward self-sufficiency. Unlike conventional AI solutions, iManAIge is designed to be independent of the mainframe it manages. It learns on its own, extracting vital information from manuals, adapting to different server types, and continuously updating its knowledge base. A staging sandbox, created to resemble the type of server it supports, serves as the training ground for iManAIge to apply its knowledge, make mistakes, learn from them, and adapt to diverse scenarios.

This dynamic learning process extends to iManAIge managing its internal components. The solution, being fully aware of its inner workings, stands as a testament to Idelji’s commitment to pushing technological boundaries. iManAIge doesn’t just manage servers; it manages its own kind, ushering in an era where powerful AI entities collaboratively oversee enterprise operations.

The Unparalleled Value of iManAIge

The distinguishing factor that elevates iManAIge above its counterparts lies in its ability to identify the root cause of issues. While traditional AI solutions aim to excel in pattern recognition, iManAIge takes it a step further by diagnosing issues well in advance and providing comprehensive solutions. This depth of insight transforms iManAIge from a tool of recognition into a beacon of understanding, offering organizations a profound understanding of their own technological ecosystems. It’s like having a guardian that not only watches over your technological infrastructure but also predicts the storms before they arrive. This predictive prowess transforms the narrative from reactive problem-solving to proactive strategy-building. This is what makes iManAIge the ideal companion for enterprise-wide AI solutions, forming symbiotic relationships that ensure comprehensive issue resolution and continuous improvement.

The Proactive Edge: iManAIge’s Forward Analytics

In the dynamic realm of enterprise server management, the distinction between addressing a problem and preventing it entirely is pivotal. iManAIge emerges as a pioneering force not merely in reactive solutions but in its unparalleled ability to foresee and preemptively tackle challenges. Unlike traditional approaches that await issues to manifest, iManAIge operates on a plane of anticipation and foresight.

Identifying Issues Before They Surface

The traditional adage “prevention is better than cure” encapsulates the essence of iManAIge’s approach. By meticulously analyzing historical data, iManAIge develops a profound understanding of the system’s intricacies, allowing it to discern patterns indicative of future challenges.

Future in Focus: iManAIge’s Forward Analytics anticipates challenges, strategizes solutions, and empowers your enterprise to stay steps ahead. Welcome to the forefront of proactive server management.
Future in Focus: iManAIge’s Forward Analytics anticipates challenges, strategizes solutions, and empowers your enterprise to stay steps ahead. Welcome to the forefront of proactive server management.

Evidence-Based Logic: The Foundation of Proactive Solutions

At the core of iManAIge’s proactive stance is its reliance on evidence-based logic. This subsection explores how iManAIge, armed with a vast repository of historical data, employs rigorous analytics to identify causative factors. Rather than mere predictions, iManAIge’s solutions are rooted in evidence, ensuring a robust foundation for decision-making.

The Road Ahead: Exciting Possibilities

As iManAIge continues to evolve, the path ahead is filled with exciting possibilities. Idelji’s journey, fueled by the success of Web ViewPoint Enterprise, Local and Remote Analyst, and the transformative potential of iManAIge, exemplifies a commitment to innovation. With each stride, Idelji is on full speed ahead to explore new solutions, break barriers, and set the stage for a future where AI seamlessly collaborates with human expertise.

The Architectural Marvel: Decoding iManAIge’s Inner Workings

As we immerse ourselves deeper into the realm of iManAIge, it’s imperative to unravel the architectural marvel that underpins its functionality. Idelji has engineered a solution that not only manages enterprise servers but also orchestrates a symphony of interconnected components. The success of iManAIge lies not only in its ability to diagnose and resolve issues but also in its capacity to understand and manage its own internal infrastructure.

A Dynamic Learning Journey

iManAIge’s journey begins with a commitment to dynamic learning. Unlike static models that rely on predefined rules, iManAIge embraces the unknown. It reads books and manuals, learns on its own, and adapts to the intricacies of different servers. The process involves extracting information from instruction manuals and guides, understanding command sequences, and gradually becoming proficient in managing a diverse array of servers.

The Staging Sandbox (Playroom): Where Learning Takes Flight

Central to iManAIge’s learning process is the staging sandbox — Idelji calls it the “playroom” — which is a simulated environment that mimics the servers it manages. In this controlled space, iManAIge experiments with different command sequences, diagnoses problems, and refines its decision-making capabilities. The playroom serves as a place where iManAIge hones its skills, ensuring that when deployed in real-world scenarios, it’s armed with a repertoire of proven solutions.

Beyond NonStop: iManAIge’s Expansive Reach

While iManAIge’s origins trace back to HPE NonStop Servers, its adaptability extends far beyond this domain. Idelji envisions iManAIge seamlessly integrating with large mainframes such as IBM z/OS and clusters of Windows Servers managed by VMWare. This ambitious expansion aligns with the ever-evolving landscape of enterprise server management, positioning iManAIge as a versatile solution capable of navigating diverse infrastructures.

Unleashing the Power of Dynamic 3D GraphDB

At the heart of iManAIge’s operational prowess lies a sophisticated tool—the dynamic 3D GraphDB. This intricate database, managed and enhanced automatically by iManAIge, represents a revolutionary approach to handling massive data interconnectivity over extended periods. The GraphDB empowers iManAIge to detect and solve issues with unparalleled efficiency, providing a three-dimensional visualization of intricate data relationships.

Traditionally, managing the intricacies of data resembled navigating through a maze, with hierarchical communication causing bottlenecks and delays. However, iManAIge transforms this challenge into an opportunity for optimization. At its core, a virtual representation of the entire infrastructure comes to life, with towers of data rising and falling, and streams of connections lighting up. This dynamic 3D GraphDB allows iManAIge to identify, analyze, and solve challenges in real-time, surpassing the efficiency of traditional methods. Imagine it being a master navigator, turning the complexities of data into a synchronized symphony of efficiency.

iManAIge consistently keeps learning how all system components connect and work with each other over time and keeps analyzing, optimizing, and preparing itself for all possible futuristic scenarios.
iManAIge consistently keeps learning how all system components connect and work with each other over time and keeps analyzing, optimizing, and preparing itself for all possible futuristic scenarios.

Daily Updates: A Constant Evolution

iManAIge’s learning is not static; it’s a dynamic process that adapts to changing scenarios. Daily updates to its models, performed at higher frequencies when required, ensure that iManAIge remains attuned to the nuances of server management and stays on top of the latest. Whether it’s the deployment of a new application or the addition of a holiday to the calendar, iManAIge swiftly incorporates these changes into its ever-evolving model.

The Collaborative Tapestry of iManAIge Instances

One of iManAIge’s groundbreaking features is its capacity for collaborative learning among different instantiations of the product at different companies. This collaboration functionality enables teams of iManAIge instances at different enterprises to share insights and best practices without divulging sensitive information. This collective tapestry of knowledge mirrors the natural human interactions among seasoned systems engineers at a conference, fostering a collective approach to problem-solving and innovation.

Internal Collaboration: Fine-Tuning Solutions

Within the confines of a single company, multiple different iManAIge instances can share their individual findings and insights with each other, accelerating the learning curve for new instances. This internal collaboration ensures that the collective knowledge of iManAIge grows organically, with each instance contributing to the overall proficiency of the system.

Authorizing Human Intervention

While iManAIge operates autonomously, the power to authorize human intervention remains a critical aspect. Authorized humans can teach iManAIge specific solutions relevant to the company, its server configurations, or unique challenges. This human-machine collaboration creates a harmonious synergy where the strengths of both entities complement each other.

iManAIge in Action: Realizing the Vision

As iManAIge traverses uncharted territories, Idelji envisions a future where this AI-powered solution manages not only itself but also a network of enterprise servers. The seamless communication with single-pane enterprise AI solutions, such as Splunk, opens avenues for comprehensive issue resolution, with human teams being kept informed of every intricate detail and having ultimate authority over the diagnoses made, and actions proposed to be taken, by the iManAIge platform.

The Symbiosis with Splunk

In collaboration with enterprise-wide AI solutions like Splunk, iManAIge will form a symbiotic partnership. While Splunk identifies unexpected patterns, iManAIge, with its diagnostic prowess, identifies and addresses the root cause. This collaborative dance between the two AI entities (iManAIge and Splunk) ensures a holistic approach to issue resolution, with constant communication ensuring optimal outcomes.

Playing the Scenarios: A Blueprint for Success

Predictive Analytics in Action

Consider a large financial institution as a real-world example where iManAIge takes the lead. In this dynamic environment, the constant ebb and flow of transactions create a complex web of data interactions. This institution, like many others, faces the perennial challenge of maintaining seamless operations while navigating through potential disruptions. By sifting through historical transactions, it identifies subtle anomalies that could evolve into significant issues. Then, foreseeing potential discrepancies in transactional patterns, and offering preemptive solutions before they manifest into operational hurdles through simulating these different combinations of solutions, iManAIge equips enterprises such as this with a strategic advantage, enabling them to make informed decisions even before issues materialize.

The Power of Choice: Empowering Human Decision-Making

iManAIge’s proactive stance is not about circumventing human involvement, but rather empowering it. The evidence-based recommendations provided by iManAIge serve as a valuable resource, enabling humans to make strategic choices that align with the unique needs of their enterprises. This evolution of operations management will help organizations save a lot of time, effort and costs, as compared to the current standard practices of the majority of the industry. Humans will be able to do much more in much less time, while preserving their own specific preferences and quality standards.

A Blueprint for Success

The ability of iManAIge to create blueprints and playbooks based on forward analytics will position this exciting new platform as a strategic asset. The human masters will retain control to review and choose from various feasible combinations, enhancing decision-making and ensuring that the chosen solutions align with the overarching goals of the organization.

The Growth Potential of iManAIge: A Secure Investment for Generations

Beyond Trends: A Visionary Investment

In an era where technology trends evolve swiftly, iManAIge transcends the transient. iManAIge is not just an innovation of the moment but a visionary investment that anticipates the needs of the future. The symbiotic relationship between human intuition and AI-driven precision positions iManAIge as a catalyst for long-term success.

A Secure Future for New Generations

Investors who recognize the transformative power of iManAIge are not only securing their present but paving the way for generations to come. The level of agility, foresight, and adaptability embedded in iManAIge ensures that it’s not just a solution for today’s challenges, but a guardian of stability for the dynamic landscape of tomorrow.

Security and Reliability

Investing in iManAIge is not just a leap into technological innovation, it’s a commitment to your organization’s security and reliability as well. As iManAIge manages its internal components and multiple enterprise servers, it will ensure fault tolerance and robust operation. iManAIge’s architecture is designed to provide a secure foundation, guaranteeing that enterprises can trust iManAIge not just for today, but for generations to come.

A Glimpse Into the Future

Pioneering the Future: Meet the Visionaries Behind iManAIge - Team Idelji, shaping the next frontier of Automated Server Management.
Pioneering the Future: Meet the Visionaries Behind iManAIge – Team Idelji, shaping the next frontier of Automated Server Management.

As we conclude this exploration into the transformative potential of iManAIge, the industry’s huge anticipation for the future is palpable. Idelji’s commitment to innovation, coupled with the success of Web ViewPoint Enterprise, Local and Remote Analyst, paints a very promising picture. Exciting times lie ahead, as iManAIge continues to break new ground, challenging conventions, and redefining the landscape of enterprise server management. In the dynamic realm of technology, where evolution is constant, iManAIge stands as a beacon of progress.




  • Khody Khodayari

    Khody Khodayari is a long-standing contributor to the HPE NonStop community with emphasis in Server operation automation and predictive analytics. With the support of his team at Idelji ( ), Khody's innovations in automation and cloud-based analytics have significantly improved productivity across the HPE NonStop™ community. His current focus is on furthering Automation and implementing Server focused A.I. for HPE NonStop™ and IBM Z Servers.

  • Vito Shrivastava

    Vito is the Product Lead at Idelji Corporation. He graduated with his Master's in Computer Science from The George Washington University in 2021 and has been with Idelji ever since. He loves exploring, learning, and contributing to the worlds of technology, music, culinary arts, and fitness.

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