Seven Magnificent Features All Integrity Monitors Should Have

Daniel Lewis

Winston Churchill once said “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often”. While that might have been a smart way to justify his changing of political party allegiance (and true when it comes to passwords!), it obviously doesn’t sit quite so well when it comes to critical files and configurations on your HPE NonStop!

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Back for More (May-June 2019)

Richard Buckle

This issue will be all about the processing of data – developing and implementing those all-important programs in support of mission critical transaction processing. In particular, the languages, tools methodologies, frameworks and much more that all play a role in creating the business logic necessary to process the data created by transactions. The two, data and processing have been linked since the very first computer was built and even today, there are those in the NonStop community that can recall being recruited to work in “data processing.” Of course, in the intervening years, so much has changed that, in order to remain competitive, businesses have long ago foregone the five and even three year planning cycles to where development and testing of business logic is now continuous.