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NonStop new commitments

At this year’s NonStop TBC we had the first ever NonStop Hackathon. Hackathons have become commonplace but not on NonStop. To me this shows a new commitment to keep NonStop current and viable. 3 teams competed to connect to the vNonStop system in Alpharetta and demonstrate connectivity. There were cash prizes. The competitors all received the inaugural T-shirt and to keep them going, a snack table, and, of course, beer.

  1. What is the Hackathon Challenge?
    Build a web server that answers HTTP requests with a web page or REST API response. Make the web site unique in your own way and convey the fundamental values of openness and inclusiveness; both socially and technically. You can use ANY language, framework, or library available on NonStop. Design, Inventiveness, Visualization all count for bonus points.The only rule is that you are prohibited intentional sabotage of any of the other teams.We encourage teamwork and creativity. The output should demonstrate the core message of open inclusion in display, interaction, performance, or other technical realm.
  2. What is the goal?
    A key aim of the NonStop Under 40s is to encourage and celebrate a wider participation in NonStop from an emerging generation of IT professionals. Our 2019 Hackathon provides an opportunity for participants to get hands-on NonStop experience and learning through a fun and exciting challenge, testing and showcasing their skills in the process.While this year’s event will be stripped back and something of a trial run, the intention is to build on this year on year, encouraging participants to develop their ideas in a format and environment that encourages innovation and the sharing of knowledge between people of all professional backgrounds, industries and NonStop generations.

Soft Tech, a professional Services company, has committed to train several individuals on NonStop for potential support of the platform. This shows a strong belief in the growth and longevity of NonStop. This also bodes well for the eventual baton pass from the current NonStop specialist to the next generation. Because there is still a need for a system that doesn’t fail – in the datacenter, at the core and on the edge.

NonStop Technical Boot Camp 2019 also had some great parties, including a special shout out to Women In Technology sponsored by XYPRO. This was very fitting since given that XYPRO CEO Lisa Partridge is an excellent example and I am proud to say was my first RUG leader for SCTUG when I became the liaison. I enjoyed working with Lisa then and still do.

The parties also featured the now multi-year NonStop Under 40 (NSU40). Now that is maintaining Tandem tradition!

For those that were unable to make this year’s NonStop Technical Boot Camp, you missed a good one. Plan on attending next year. Same bat time same bat channel. And, as I always do, please consider giving a presentation about your company and its use of NonStop. The user group is about users and learning from each other. You get a discount for presenting and I know your peers will enjoy it.


  • Justin Simonds

    Justin Simonds is a Master Technologist for the Americans Enterprise Solutions and Architecture group (ESA) under the mission- critical division of Hewlett Packard Enterprise. His focus is on emerging technologies, business intelligence for major accounts and strategic business development. He has worked on Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives and integration architectures for improving the reliability of IoT offerings. He has been involved in the AI/ML HPE initiatives around financial services and fraud analysis and was an early member of the Blockchain/MC-DLT strategy. He has written articles and whitepapers for internal publication on TCO/ROI, availability, business intelligence, Internet of Things, Blockchain and Converged Infrastructure. He has been published in Connect/Converge and Connection magazine. He is a featured speaker at HPE’s Technology Forum and at HPE’s Aspire and Bootcamp conferences and at industry conferences such as the XLDB Conference at Stanford, IIBA, ISACA and the Metropolitan Solutions Conference.