NonStop Trends & Wins

HPE Discover 2022 and the NS8 & NS4

As most of you know, NonStop generally is not a big participant of HPE Discover and we showcase NonStop at our annual NonStop Technical Boot Camp (TBC). This year will be a bit different. NonStop will be discussed at HPE Discover. NonStop will be showcased as the platform for the new HPE GreenLake “Payments as a Service” being announced at HPE Discover. Additionally abat+, our NonStop manufacturing partner, will be doing a discrete manufacturing demo at HPE Discover. I should mention that both systems are being run using virtualized NonStop systems. The abat+ demo is using our virtualized sandbox systems in Alpharetta, Georgia while the Payment as a Service is utilizing the virtualized NonStop at the Advanced Technology Center in Fort Collins, Colorado. This HPE Discover, if you attend, there will be a great focus on Artificial Intelligence and High-Performance Computing. The greater HPE is just about to turn over a system that will provide an Exascale system. What does exascale mean in computing? “Exa” means 18 zeros. That means an exascale computer can perform more than 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 FLOPS, or 1 exaFLOP. That is more than one million times faster than ASCI Red’s peak performance in 1996. An exascale computer is one that can perform a quintillion, or 1018, floating-point operations per second (FLOPS). That’s a billion billion. Pretty darn fast ☺ I’m sure HPE will be covering this at HPE Discover along with two just released AI solutions, HPE Machine Learning Development System and HPE Swarm Learning.  HPE Machine Learning Development System is a turnkey solution (HW, SW, Services) for one of the most challenging parts of the ML lifecycle – training ML models at scale. Both of these solutions are game-changers in Machine Learning. Keith Moore and I have discussed NonStop and our ability to ‘feed’ a swarm with real-time data. The most interesting feature of swarm learning for me is that data is never exchanged only the weights and biased information. This means, by way of example, that competitors such as Visa, MasterCard, and Discover could share information (be part of a swarm) about fraud analysis without ever sharing transaction or customer information with each other. I think you will hear much more about swarm learning in the near future.

In terms of “wins”, a number of customers are acquiring the new NS8 and NS4 platforms and are very pleased. Without betraying any confidence I provide some highlights from an email sent asking how the migration was going. “It’s going pretty darn well. We have one client now transitioned. We’ve updated/upgraded a ton of our software and it is lightning fast on the new machine. We feel like it has gone very well with the only real headaches being from our side, just making a lot of upgrades in our software to take advantage of the new system. There were a few of our processes where we were paralleling all 16 cores on the old system which bogged down on the new system – which means they ran about as long on the new system as the old – so we have been re-writing code and TACL to get around that and now have those running at 4-12 times faster than on the old system. We have seen this speed-up across the board. We are really happy with our hardware. Zero problems. This entire switch to new hardware and new site is the best move we could have made.” I’m going to see if we can create an official success story about this customer but for now, they remain anonymous (but very happy!).

Hopefully, I may see some of you at HPE Discover (I was approved to go) but if not, at NonStop Technical Boot Camp (TBC) this November.



  • Justin Simonds

    Justin Simonds is a Master Technologist for the Americans Enterprise Solutions and Architecture group (ESA) under the mission- critical division of Hewlett Packard Enterprise. His focus is on emerging technologies, business intelligence for major accounts and strategic business development. He has worked on Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives and integration architectures for improving the reliability of IoT offerings. He has been involved in the AI/ML HPE initiatives around financial services and fraud analysis and was an early member of the Blockchain/MC-DLT strategy. He has written articles and whitepapers for internal publication on TCO/ROI, availability, business intelligence, Internet of Things, Blockchain and Converged Infrastructure. He has been published in Connect/Converge and Connection magazine. He is a featured speaker at HPE’s Technology Forum and at HPE’s Aspire and Bootcamp conferences and at industry conferences such as the XLDB Conference at Stanford, IIBA, ISACA and the Metropolitan Solutions Conference.