A Note from Connect Leadership

Greetings HPE Community Members!

Most of you are used to seeing this column penned by Navid Khodayari, who has done an amazing job for the last two years. With the new year, Navid has been promoted to past-president and I have been given the honor to be your president. I hope I will be able to continue the legacy that Navid has left me, I am sure with your help, along with our newest members of the board we will continue to build upon his work.

By way of introduction, I’ve been involved in the HPE world for the last 25 years in a variety of roles including spending time at such companies as UPS, The Home Depot, First Data, and S.W.I.F.T. I was even an employee of Tandem Computers, where I’ve met many of you. Today I run a small consultancy helping companies modernize and secure their legacy systems.

Joining me on the board this year are Sue Robinson, CIO for EMEA & ASIAPAC at Aspen Insurance, Tony Ioele, Managing Partner at ARI Technology Advisors, Raj Srinisasan, Global Alliance Manager at Infosys, and Susan Ashkenas, Director for HPE. We have a great cross-section of experience on the board and we can expect them to help grow our community. I want to thank them in advance for all of the great work that I know they will do!

2020 is quickly shaping up to be a banner year for HPE and our community. Our local user groups are thriving, with many events planned for the year. I hope to see many of you there and to spend a few minutes discussing how we can help you to be successful.

Even though we are in February, planning is already underway for HPE’s big North America Show: HPE Discover which will be held in Las Vegas Jun 23 – 25, along with the NonStop Technical Boot Camp which takes place Nov 15 –  17 in California. I hope to see many of you there as we have some fun and informative things planned for both.

If there is anything the board or I can do to help, or if you just want to reach out and say hi, please do not hesitate to contact me. I can be found in our Slack channel Connect-CommunityHQ or via email: [email protected]creative-soft.com

Best regards,
Marty Edelman
Atlanta, GA.


  • Marty Edelman

    Since retiring from The Home Depot, Marty Edelman has provided strategic guidance to organizations wishing to modernize their IT infrastructures. While at The Home Depot, he was the director of Payment Services. Marty has been involved with HPE (Tandem, Compaq, HPE and HPE) for more than 30 years as an employee, end user, and independent consultant. He founded a small consultancy firm that specialized in developing high-volume mission-critical solutions for Fortune 500 companies. Marty and his team helped to build the UPS Tracking System, the NYSE Consolidated Trade and Quote systems, and the SWIFT next-generation computing platform.