HPE NonStop NSGit: Integrated Enterprise Software Management

Randall Becker

As we integrate technology in the enterprise, we see tendrils of GUARDIAN code extending outward to OSS, Windows, Linux, Mac, and towards edge computing. Components like JSON definitions and libraries are starting to be use everywhere – you only want to write your message parser once so that everyone gets the same view. We also see components from other platforms starting to inject themselves into GUARDIAN as we modernize and publish services from our mission critical legacy applications to services elsewhere.


XYPRO – Best of NonStop 2021

Steve Tcherchian

Have we become numb to the news of security breaches? Unfortunately, the attacks on our businesses, personal lives and even global infrastructure are not slowing down. Cybercrime is up over 600% during the pandemic. According to Verizon’s 2021 Data Breach Investigation Report, 61% of cyberattacks targeted credential theft. This far surpasses personal, banking and payment card information which have been primary targets for years. The cybersecurity industry has responded with a variety of ways to protect sensitive data with regulations, technology, and awareness, which has forced attackers to look for easier targets, such as usernames and passwords.


Configuring your data for productivity vs security: A balancing act!

Roland Lemoine

I used to think that applying security is good as long as it does not get in the way of productivity. After all, isn’t the whole purpose of IT to improve productivity, so anything going against that golden rule is at least questionable? If security is an obstacle to productivity then it defeats the whole purpose of IT being at the service of humans and it should not be the other way around.


Securing The Future Of NonStop

Henry Fonseca

It’s hard to believe that 2021 is almost over. Most of us are still getting used to our post-pandemic lives. And as life slowly returns to normal, we should take a moment to reflect on the challenges and successes of the past year. The end of the year is always a great opportunity to look ahead and set goals for the future. And I am not just talking about those pesky New Year’s resolutions that we quickly forget once February comes along.


uLinga for Kafka – EMS Use Case

Andrew Price

In the Sept-Oct 2021 edition of The Connection, we gave an overview of Kafka, and how it is being used by many Fortune 500 companies to manage “streams” of data, which have become prevalent as internet usage massively boosts the amount of data being generated, and requiring processing. Kafka allows these huge volumes of data to be processed in real-time, via a combination of “producers” and “consumers”, which work with a Kafka “cluster” – the main data repository.


New Data Integrity Architectures for Mission Critical Systems

Gravic, Inc.

This article highlights some interesting work from Gravic Labs, Gravic’s Research and Development group, in the area of increasing the data integrity of mission critical systems. The article expands on our talk at The Connect NonStop TBC meeting in October 2021, and is a continuation of the topic that we presented in the July/August 2017 issue of The Connection.