Data; it lives and it grows – with NonStop SQL, data truly has found a home.

Richard Buckle

Perhaps the most enduring character from the fictional Star Trek franchise just happens to be Data. With his positronic brain he could out-compute the likes of Vulcans and in so doing, endeared himself to viewers worldwide, given his total lack of emotion. Before Data, there had been Spock, but in Data we saw a significant upgrade albeit one with absolutely no understanding of humanity. In many ways, the mere thought of having someone like Data onboard the spaceship USS Enterprise, gave the scriptwriters that all-important way out whenever situations escalated beyond belief. With Data, there was always an option.


Top 5 Trends in REST Services – Database Access via RESTful API Using LightWave

Dave Belliveau

In an enterprise, there are many different data sources that are produced and consumed in many different departments. Instead of being tied to the proprietary access of each database, the use of a web service API will make integration with these myriad of data sources much easier. RESTful web services will provide a data access layer that’s more flexible and compatible with different applications, including mobile, web or cloud services. Many database vendors now provide access to their databases using RESTful APIs. They include Oracle, and MS SQL Server, the two leading databases in the marketplace.