Nov-Dec 2020

Expanding NonStop Opportunities
Ron Thompson

Ron Thompson

When it comes to system availability, whether for “ cloud computing “ or on a “ platform “ , people frequently hear about ” 9’s ” of uptime.  Many service level agreements (SLAs) specify at least 99.9 % availability (3 9’s  – or –  < 9 hours of downtime / year), or, 99.99 % (4 9’s – or –  < 1 hour of downtime / year).  In conjunction with this, to further define system performance, the SLA Availability Metrics agreed on need to be from the End User perspective and apply from the time the application initially goes live.


Leading operator of Mexican hypermarkets achieves PCI-DSS compliance

Thomas Gloerfeld

Comercial City Fresko is a Mexican holding company of hypermarkets headquartered in Mexico City. It operates the hypermarkets La Comer, City Market, Fresko and Sumesa, which have a strong presence in Mexico City, State Of Mexico and other areas mostly in the Central and Bajio region of the country.


XYPRO: Confronting Inaction in the CyberSecurity Industry

Steve Tcherchian

2020 was another troubling year in the cybersecurity world. We saw a repeat of 2019’s data breaches on a larger scale. Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Nintendo, WaWa and many more fell victim to some sort of compromise. Hardly a week went by where we weren’t reading about a new mega breach or ransomware attack.


Thinking of Migrating During a Pandemic?

Paden R. Holenstein

We are truly amazed by the number of IT system migrations that are now occurring around the globe! In the strangest of times – during a pandemic – we find HPE NonStop technologists and system engineers practicing their craft. We see a surprising trend: IT teams honing their focus on new features while ramping up business continuity improvement projects, which is an inspiring and strategic move.


Why You Should Not Ignore NonStop OS Upgrades

Ron Wetzel

How long has it been since you upgraded your NonStop’s operating system? One year? Five years? Fifty years? You have no idea? Don’t feel embarrassed if you answered anything but “A.” You’re not alone. Many companies that operate within the NonStop environment have chosen not to upgrade their OS for a variety of reasons. Even though NonStop was designed to withstand the hardships of running continuously for years, it still needs to undergo routine OS upgrades just like any complex system.


An Overview of Artificial Intelligence and NonStop

Justin Simonds

Alan Turing OBE (Officer of the Order of the British Empire) FRS (Fellow of the Royal Society) born 23 June 1912 and died 7 June 1954 was an English mathematician, computer scientist, logician, cryptanalyst, philosopher, and theoretical biologist, or what we would call today an under-achiever.


2020: An Unprecedented Year at NuWave

Gabrielle Guerrera

When we write up our end-of-year reflections at NuWave, we usually look back fondly on that year’s tradeshows and user group meetings around the world, the friendly faces we’ve seen, and the boisterous dinners with partners, customers, and friends in the HPE NonStop space. This year has of course been vastly different from previous years, with little face-to-face interaction of any sort. The year has not been without its bright spots, though.


Please Enjoy All Four Shadowbase Videos!

Gravic, Inc.

As many of you know, Gravic, Inc. is a software development company whose mission is to Improve Society Through Innovation. We develop a range of computer software products for change data capture, data collection, transformation, and distribution uses.